November Erbjudande Landsväg Service

Now it’s time to retire the road bike after a hard season of riding and make sure you put it away in tip top condition. That’s what our November Offer is all about!

We’ll strip the bike down completely (we mean everything!) and rebuild it as though it was from new. We’ll replace cables and housings and bar tape at the same time (included in the price!) and make sure we advise you of anything we find that might be needed on top in terms of parts. It’s a great time to change tyres, have new brake pads fitted, update Di2 systems and see that it’s not going to be sat, rusting and corroding together over the winter whilst hanging in the garage!

You should be in no rush for it back at this time of year (unless you’re Zwifting on the same bike) so expect that we have it for a week or so before you get it back. This offer runs throughout November!