Custom Builds

Vi är specialiserade på att bygga cyklar – Transition, Banshee, Santa cruz / Juliana & Hope erbjuder alla en brett utbud av ramar. Vilken cykel är din dröm hoj?

Att bygga en cykel är en speciell process. Det krävs planering, tid och man måste ha öga för detaljer. Vi älskar det!
Vårt sätt att göra det på är att fråga dig. Vi vill att du ska få exakt den cykel du vill ha och behöver, din drömcykel.

• Vad har du tänkt dig??

• Vilken typ av cykel har du idag??

• Hur och vart kommer du använda din nya cykel??

• Har vi en budget att arbeta utifrån?

• Har du några speciella önskemål?

Once we have this basic information, we’ll ask you to send us the ‘Specification Sheet’ that we will have mailed to you. You can fill in as much or as little as you like. This helps us to understand a little more about what you are wanting to achieve and we can help fill in all the ‘technical gaps’ and of course make our own suggestions as to compatibility, function and of course cosmetics! (we usually colour match fork and rim decals to the bike, using Slik Graphics – we’ll let you know your options) We’ll also be able to give you an estimated price for the build and see how it’s achievable within your budget.

This may go back and forth several times before we achieve a ‘final’ version that works for both you and us. We’re also got quite strong opinions on certain component choices. We won’t for example build you a pair of wheels using aluminium nipples, no matter how well coordinated they are with the bike. We won’t fit cheap cable sets, nor would you ever find a pair of Crank Brothers clipless pedals on one of our custom builds! We’d prefer that you have a bike that works again and again and not just the first time out. We’ve used some of these bad products and no matter what the marketeers tell you, nor the full page ad in a magazine – we’ll hold fast to telling you the truth that we have learnt about (sometimes the hard way) and not let you make the same mistake!

GearsWe’ll ask for a deposit before starting the build and give you as accurate an estimate for completion as we can.

Then, sit back and relax! You’re in good hands!

Once all parts are available, we’ll begin the build in our professional, well equipped workshop. We pay attention to detail at every step of the way, sing our many years of experience, the best tools and products available to ensure you have a bike that is built to the highest standards. CablesWhen your build begins we’ll try and keep our OCD in check! We pay attention to using the right retaining compounds or greases. We’ll make sure cables are routed correctly and neatly. We heat shrink exposed wires and cable ends. We won’t let a bike go without the logos on the tyres lining up to the valve stem. All the small details that go hand in hand with a professional custom build. Of course you expect that the gears will work and the wheels will go around, but that’s the basics!

Why choose Velotek for your custom build?

* The best possible build and quality of work

* A personal and friendly process from start to finish

* Expert advice (honest and straightforward)

* Experience of products that we know work and match your requirements

* A fantastic aftercare package

Bleed BrakesWhat is the aftercare package and why is it so fantastic?!

With all our custom built MTB’s, you’ll receive as part of your purchase:

* Time with one of our team before you and the bike leave the store to set your fork and rear damper up to a level that allows you to start riding immediately. We’ll run you through all the settings and adjustments and make sure you have at least a basic understanding of what everything does.

* A 1st service after the first month/20 hours of riding (which we’ll remind you about with an SMS)

The bike will be fully checked and adjusted where necessary

Wheels will be re tensioned

AssemblyWe’ll do a full bolt check of the bike using a digital torque wrench – including suspension linkages.

We’ll lubricate the bike where required using a range of Peatys lubricants.

Any other adjustments/changes required (cutting of steerer tube for example) will also be done.

The bike will be booked in on our ‘priority booking’ system, so you get the bike back in the shortest possible time when it suits you.

* You’ll get our excellent ‘goodie box’ – this contains all your technical and important information (not always the same thing!)

– Any spares that come with the bike (spare gear hanger or shock pump for example)

– A Peatys starter kit and various samples of product as well as some useful and relevant product to your bike.

Grease* A repeat free service after 6 months, which we’ll again remind you of. This covers all the same points as the first service.

* A ‘free parts’ fork lower leg service. We’d recommend having this done to keep your fork in the best condition. It replaced wiper seals and foam rings and cleans the lower legs of debris and re fills with fluids.

* Our advice/opinions/help and suggestions whenever you need it! (within reason!) We genuinely care that we have happy customers that wouldn’t think twice about recommending us to others.

So that’s it! Custom built by us. Välkommen!