Rock Shox Mars Erbjudande!

March is Rock Shox month here in the Velotek Verkstad!

With 100hr service intervals on most dampers, it’s most likely that your forks and rear shocks are well overdue for a service! You might think that all is well – ‘they feel fine’, ‘the lockout works!’ ‘they look Ok’… but the truth is, you don’t really know what’s going on inside! Over time the dampers lose their sensitivity to small bumps and performance is lost, but this all happens gradually and you don’t notice it. We get them in and wonder how you’ve been managing! Truth be told.. you’ve got a pretty nice bike, with some really techy parts on it. Why would you neglect them? Suspension is perhaps THE most important part on your bike, look after it!

With RS there are a huge number of different models and therefore service kits available. That’s why we can only give a ‘från’ price. This is often the service kit that we need for the simpler service job, but we’ll let you know if yours are any different (and please note, some kits are over 800kr, not the 250kr that we are quoting for!)

Send an email to, with your name, contact number, model and serial number of fork/damper. We’ll reply with a booking date or give you a call if we need to.