Höst / Vinter


The weather has changed and now is the time to get you and your bike(s) kitted out for riding in colder and wetter conditions.

With the changes in temperatures and the rain and the mud we need to take care of our bikes and also make them easier to ride and perform in the tricky conditions. Think about your washing regime, lubrication and service. There are a whole range of products specifically designed to be effective and efficient in what they do…dish liquid does not get used to clean bikes!! (please!)

Take a look at the products below and contact the store or come in for a chat and we can take care of you.

Changing to a tyre better suited to wet conditions is a must this time of year. Running tubeless tyres and lower pressures will allow you to get grip on the wet rocks and roots and have a better ride.

A couple of our tyre recommendations are below but click here for our Slänglost page and here for our Däck page. Also don’t miss out on our current Däck Erbjudande here

Maxxis Forekaster

29 – 2.2/2.35

27.5 – 2.2

Aggressive XC tyre designed for loose and wet conditions

Maxxis Dissector

29 – 2.4 WT

“The Dissector excels in the dry conditions it was designed for, but it turns out it also shines even when the sun doesn’t. It’s worth keeping in mind if you’re searching for a faster rolling rear tire that can handle a wide variety of terrain and trail conditions. “ – Pinkbike

Michelin Wild AM

27.5 – 2.35

29 – 2.35

“The Wild AM is based on the Wild Enduro Rear. They have very similar tread patterns and the handling is correspondingly similar. The centre knobs are slightly shorter, making them very fast rolling but without compromising braking traction too much. They’re a good option for the front and rear wheel of a Trail bike, even in wet conditions. However, if you want maximum climbing efficiency, you’d be better off with a faster rolling tire on the rear. The Wild AM is a good all-round tire, delivering a convincing performance on every kind of terrain.” –

With the wet conditions here it might be time to think about switching to Flat pedals. Flats allow you to get your feet off the pedals quicker than a clipless pedal and allows you to focus on skills as well!

We have DMR V6 and V8 Pedals in various colours (V6 is nylon and works well as a winter pedal as snow doesn’t stick to it as much as aluminium when it’s really cold) as well as aluminium pedals from XLC, Shimano, DMR and Hope. If you are using flats in the winter, we’ve also got neoprene overshoes from Endura in stock, specifically designed for flat pedals, with a bigger open space underneath to sit properly on the flat platform… 


With autumn and winter comes the inevitable darkness. We stock a wide range of lights from basic lights for short bike rides, commuting lights and lights suitable for off roading. 

A fender or mudguard on the front or the rear of your bike will help to stop any mud or debris getting on you or in your eyes. They can also help to protect the seals of suspension forks from all that muck and grime.  We have Velotek Face Fenders in lots of different colours and RRP mudguards (including bolt on options for Fox, Öhlins and Suntour forks)

We also stock RideWrap frame and fork protection kits to protect your frame from the worst of the weather. There are 3 levels of frame protection from essential, covered or fully tailored for your make and model of bike. You can install yourself or talk to the workshop for prices. Almost invisible when on, they really do protect the frame and fork from the worst of scratches and impacts. A great investment for a new bike! 

It is really important to keep your bike clean and in particular the drivetrain. We have a wide range of Muc Off and Peaty’s products to wash, clean and lube your bike.

We have a wide range of Endura gloves specifically for the colder and wetter conditions and even have the Kids gloves. A few are displayed below….

And to keep your head warm we have skullcaps from Endura as well. Don’t forget your reflexes & hi viz as well! 

If you have any questions at all about how to get you and your bike(s) setup for autumn and winter get in touch with us here.