A helmet is the most important piece of safety equipement you can have for cycling. Whether you are commuting, mountain biking or hitting the kilometres on the road, a helmet will help protect your head and brain from injury in the event of a crash.

Customers ask us what is the best helmet and the answer we always say is “the helmet that fits you”. There is no point spending money on a helmet that that looks good, is expensive, but doesn’t fit properly. Why is this? Each manufacturer has its own definition and measurements of the standard head size so the fit of a helmet of the same “size” can change between manufactures. That is why it is always best to come into store and try some on to see what is best for you.

We sell basic city helmets, road, mtb and full face helmets at various price points. A lot of helmets come with MIPS which stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System. Click here for more information.

Our stock is constantly changing, we stock helmets from Lazer and Specialized.  

Specilized have introduced ANGi on some of their helmets which is: a ride tracker; a crash detector and a safety beacon. Click here for more information.