We have grips and bar tape for all your biking needs.

Grips are a very personal choice and thankfully they are not an expensive piece of kit to try alternatives.  Once you find a grip you like you will probably stay with it for some time to come.

We have a good range of grips for city, commute, sports, MTB and road bikes. We have a couple of bar taping nerds in the workshop as well, so you can be assured of a great job!

A little side note – if you’re using your road bike on the indoor trainer over the winter, it’s essential that you remove the bar tape after the season and clean up the bars/shifters… all that sweat has to go somewhere! (it’s not just disgusting and smelly and full of bacteria, it’s potentially dangerous as we’ve sen bars rot through and snap with all the salty sweat on them!)

Come in and talk to us about what is best for you and your bike.