Om oss

Hej, and welcome to Velotek! You’ve found the best little bike shop in Uppsala (maybe Sweden, or even the world!)*

We’re dedicated to what we do. Bikes, bits for bikes, things for bikers and most importantly – bikers! What we lack in size, we make up for in enthusiasm, great products and service that is second to none!

No matter what you come to us for, you can be assured we will only offer the very best advice, care and experience that we can. No matter if you drop in for a quick puncture fix, need to talk about the right products for an upcoming event, have questions on the latest wheel size or need a new bike for getting around the city, we treat everyone with the same attention and service. We are a growing business in a competitive market and we know that you demand the very best service when shopping locally.

We sell most types of bikes. We don’t have a huge display of every different model from our suppliers ranges (we usually have around 30 bikes on display) but we do have the best of the models to choose from with an expert fitting service and an honest approach when giving advice.

We believe that we have a good understanding of what works and what doesn’t. We choose products that we like, use and offer good value for money, whilst of course offering the best possible performance and feel good factor.

We have personal experience in all forms of cycling – kids bikes (as we have our own young family) Standard bikes (from the commute in every day!) Mountain bikes (from over 30 years of riding and racing) Road bikes (from the many, many training miles that have been covered) CX bikes (from working with the UK National Champion) and of course all those other types of bike that fall in between. The one thing in common being the 2 (or 3!) wheels that make them roll.

We have a fantastic, newly renovated workshop facility (see the Verkstad page for more information and pricing) that can deal with anything ranging from a puncture, gear adjustment and accessory fitting, right through to internal hub gear servicing, suspension fork overhaul and disc brake bleeding as well as our dedicated lådcykel workshop.

So, if you want to talk bike and haven’t yet found what you are looking for, call in and speak to us!

The Staff.

Neil. Owner. One role at the shop. Everything! He’ll talk to you about your new bike, answer the phone, work the till, order the stock, answer the emails, socialise on FB, sweep up, fix the occasional bike and pretty much anything else that seems like it needs doing! Can mostly be found bouncing around from one thing to another. If he gets a chance to ride it’ll be #enduro’ing around the local trails. Thinks he’s still as fast as he was – and doesn’t stop trying to prove it (on Strava!)

Can be persuaded, bribed and corrupted with a nice IPA or something chocolatey.

Pelle. Mechanic. Pelle joined us in March 2020 and so we’re still to learn about his strengths and weaknesses! (edit: strength – tool knowledge. weakness – buying tools!) However, it’s fair to say he has a lot of experience and is highly knowledgeable in most areas, especially the E side of things. He’s well qualified in suspension service, wheel building, Ebikes and of course all the regular stuff. We’ll update you here when we know what he can be bribed with! (edit again: pastries!)

That’s us! We’re well worth a visit. Why not combine it with a days riding on the awesome local trails (we’ll point you in the right direction!) We can’t promise hundreds of like-a-bikes rowed up to see, we don’t have a cycling café to sit down in (we’ve got a Tassimo though!) but we do have a great heart and soul and a passion for what we do.