We sell tyres for your city bike, E-Bike, road bike, cx/gravel bike, cargobike and mountain bike!

We stock tyres from Maxxis, Schwalbe, Michelin, Pirelli, CST and Vittoria. 

Click here for our current Däck Erbjudande!

Having the right tyre on your bike for the time of year and the conditions can make a huge difference to the way the bike rides and ultimately makes for a better riding experience.

Ask us about what’s best for you! We’re a bit ‘geeky’ when it comes to tyres! (well, Neil is!) Puncture resistance? Rolling resistance? Grip? Weight? Conditions? It’s a bit of a minefield! We’re happy to help! 

In winter you will need specific studded tyres for your commuter or mountain bike and Schwalbe tyres have a great range. Click here for Vinterdäck information

Running tubeless tyres on mountain bikes has been around for a while now and we we highly recommend going this way as it allows you to run lower tyre pressures for increased grip, particularly in wet muddy conditions, but the sealant in the tyres also provides puncture protection by filling any small holes in the tyre so you can keep riding. We’re pretty ‘proffsigt’ when it comes to tubeless. We’ll happily get you sorted with all the bits you need to do it yourself, or can fix it for you. 

You can now go tubeless on road, cx and gravel bikes as the benefits are now appealing to other bike disciplines.

We sell tubeless setups from Stans No Tubes and Peaty’s products. Click here for a beginners guide to going tubeless.

As riders are running lower tyre pressures there is an increased risk of damaging the rim. To solve this issue tyre inserts sit inside the tyre and provide protection for the rim. Some tyre inserts, like Cushcore, also provide support for the sidewalls to increase cornering efficiency. We stock Cushcore and Cushcore XC version, for the weight conscious riders out there as well as Pepis Tyre Noodles.

Click here for an interesting review by Mårten Rooth on Vittoria Air Liner tyre inserts.