Dirt Jump / Pumptrack

Coming in 2021……

Dirtjumping is not only a fun and stylish riding activity it can also seriously help expand your all round riding skills. Similarly Pumptracks are sprouting up all over Sweden (click here for local and favourite spots) and can improve cornering, pumping and jumping skills. Not just for kids a DJ specific bike will make learning and improving skills a lot of fun whilst keeping it old school on 26inch wheels. So if you are looking for a specific bike, a build to slay the local jump spot or just looking for an N+1 bike to have fun and improve skills we have you covered with complete bikes from NS Bikes and Transition Bikes but also custom build options from Santa Cruz.

We will be stocking the NS Bikes Metropolis 2, Movement 3 and Zircus. Also the Transition PBJ complete bike or frame only and the Santa Cruz Jackal frame only.