Tech Tips – Vinter Dämpare Service

It’s that time of year again! Your bikes had a hard year and now it either gets a rest and put away for the winter, or it’s full steam ahead and prepare for a harsh winter. We thought a little tech help from the workshop might be useful! It’s amazing how many dampers we get in for service with various screws undone or missing, all unnecessarily and costly to fix in many cases, so if you’re not confident with what you’re doing, don’t do it! 

Servicing your damper might seem unnecessary or a cost that you could very well do without, but the truth really is that you’ll save yourself the money and time off the bike by doing service routinely and BEFORE something goes wrong. A bit like your car… when that little lamp blinks on, you service the car. t was working perfectly alright, but of course there are things that need to be checked, adjusted or replaced just to keep it like that, so do yourself a favour and take care of your expensive dampers before they come and bite you in the butt! 

Also – a word about hygiene! A fork service is a bit like surgery! We need a VERY clean start point (your damper) We do our bit with workshop cleanliness and appropriate practices, but we can’t service a fork or damper if it’s (literally) muddy from the last ride. We can clean them for you, but we will have to charge you (surprised?!) as it’s time we could otherwise be doing something else. 

One note we didn’t make on the Tips page, was if you have Rock Shox Dampers with an ‘XX’ model – i.e a double hydraulic lockout to front, rear or both together – we’d recommend that you leave that well alone and bring the bike in to us complete! It makes everyone life easier and your wallet much heavier! 

Apart from that… Välkommen! 

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