New Hope XCR Brakes

New lightweight xc/trail brakes from Hope Tech.

Contact us to reserve a pair.  Limited quantities so best be quick!! 🙂

“When we stopped production of our XC orientated Race line of brakes we always planned to replace it with something better. With the recent resurgence in shorter travel trail/XC bikes now is the perfect time to announce the new XCR brake from Hope, lighter, more powerful, better ergonomics, lighter lever feel than anything we have offered before. It’s a lightweight brake with no compromises whether you’re racing or trail riding.

The minimal, radially configured, master cylinder maintains our simple bleeding process with its conventional reservoir yet still offers reach adjustment and a new hinged handlebar clamp for reduced weight and easy installation. New lever bushes provide reduced friction and super light lever action all finished with a carbon lever blade, with the brake only available in a silver anodised finish.

The brake is paired with a special edition version of our X2 caliper featuring aluminium backplate pads and a sleek, low profile crimped connector. A conventional olive is retained at the lever end to allow for easy hose shortening.”


Total System weight only 199g (Complete system Lever, hose and caliper)
182g without fluid (most brake weights seem to be quoted without fluid)
Lightweight Minimalist design
Reduced lever friction for lighter feel
Hinge Clamp for easy Installation
Reservoir to enable simple bleed process
Compatible with current shifter mounts
Carbon Lever Blade
Silver anodising