Transition Spur NX Raw LGE

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The Spur is one of those mythical, magical bikes. Seemingly able to ‘do it all’. Perfectly suited to hang with the XC boys and girls (whilst having fun on the way!) as well as holding it’s own and surprising the longer travel trail bikes on the more gnarly trails.

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Spec wise, it’s not missing much! … take a look here!

Or if you got a couple of minutes and a sense of humour.. take a look at Transitions informative video.


The Spur provides a sense of connection to the bike as if it were an extension to your body. Fast and efficient with an anti-gravity feel and laser-pointer precision that begs you to climb more, go farther, and descend anything you may encounter along the way.

You’ll instantly appreciate the free speed you’re awarded while accelerating where you’re usually accustomed to pedaling. Don’t judge a book by its cover though, with all these lightweight and uphill oriented character traits the Spur requires no adjustment to descend like you’re used to, you might actually go faster.

“But what is surprising is how well Transition executed its first foray into this category—the Spur quickly rose into the top spots of many testers’ ‘favorite’ lists at The Beta Tests. It’s light (our X01 build has a reported weight of just a tick over 25 pounds), a rocketship on climbs, but doesn’t feel overwhelmed when pointed downhill. Transition dubbed it ‘All-Country,’ but it could be considered the epitome of a modern trail bike—equally suited for big days in the backcountry or lunch rips on the home trails. ” – BETA Online Magazine
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“Transition’s Spur X01 is the best realised ‘down-country’ bike we’ve ever tested. It’s lightning quick, lures you right into the middle of a tornado of action, yet always spits you out with a sunshine-after-the-storm calmness.” – Mountain Bike Rider Magazine
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“Overall, the Spur has been a blast. This really is a well rounded bike with no characteristics that are outliers. The geometry, layup, and components all work together. Its not an overly stiff bike, but its not unsettling, and sometimes feels like traction. Its got cute dampers, but they work well with the weight and layup of the bike. Its not all about weight either, with burlier components where you’d want them.” – Cooper Quinn /
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“The Spur has redefined “trail speed” for us. Due to the lightweight build, aggressive geometry, and stable handling, our braking points on our test track were completely different and we found ourselves brake checking some bigger gaps as we were always carrying more speed. The Spur is able to squeeze out every bit of performance from the ultra light SID suspension and take full advantage of the lightweight components. The only thing we would change is spec a bigger brake as we were continually taking the Spur into progressively gnarlier terrain. If you are looking for the most capable 120mm bike out there, go throw your leg over the Spur. We will definitely have it at the front of our stable for the foreseeable future.” – Nic Hall / The Loam Wolf
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“When the Spur first headed my way for testing, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect as I don’t spend all that much time on bikes which are that light duty, nor that lightweight. Aside from a minor bump in bar height, which says more about me than the bike, I was consistently impressed not only by how much it could handle, but by what a hoot it was to ride. Long masochistic days in the saddle simultaneously became less tortuous and more fun. I’m still trying to figure out how a bike that climbs so proficiently can still manage to put such a huge smile on my face when pointed back downhill, and everywhere in between for that matter – it almost doesn’t make sense.” – Ian Collins / MTB-Mag
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“for 120mm of travel this bike was super capable, we hit a heap of rough stuff at speed and this rig had us laughing at actually how capable it was. It just goes to show that it’s not all about the length of the suspension travel, the geometry of bikes is such a huge factor in how well they handle. Some cool aspects of how this bike handled were the fact that it jumped super well, cornered amazing and was super fun and playful on a variety of trails, it defiantly put a smile on our dial.” – Revolution Magazine
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“” Jeff Brines /
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“” Clint Gibbs /
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