Baknav Hope Tech Pro 5


Building on Hope’s 30+ years of manufacturing hubs, the Pro 5 is the combination of all our experience to meet and exceed the demands of current and future bike technology.

The Pro 4 proved to be one of the most reliable and versatile hubs on the market. The Pro 5 builds on this with improvements throughout, offering the right balance between speed of pick-up, load capacity, durability and drag.

As with every product made at Hope durability and longevity are key. Everything about the Pro 5 has been considered, and tested to work in the worst conditions possible from seals to bearings….And eventually if something does wear out the Pro 5 is fully serviceable and rebuildable with simple tools, or if you need to change drivetrain standards one hub works with everything. So swapping freehubs is easily done, and changing end caps to suit different frame and fork axle standards future proofing your wheels.

Completely new for the Pro 5 is the option of Centrelock disc fitting and an e-bike specific hub that comes with a freehub tailor made for the stresses and strains of e-bike use.

Call in or call us for more infor regarding wheel builds, compatibility or any other wheel related issues! We’re wheely good at it…

VitalMTB have a great rundown of all the new features here…


Baknav Hope Pro 5 

The all new Pro 5 from Hope. Improving on one of the best, most reliable hubs on the market. We both build custom wheels and sell pre built factory wheels with these hubs, and they are our ‘go to’ for anyone looking for a beautifully made, serviceable, reliable and somewhat future proof hub.

>> Improved sealing to stop dirt ingress and to reduce drag
>> New Labyrinth seal has zero drag for incredible freewheeling performance
>> New Pawls/Springs design to increase longevity, load capacity & a reduction of drag.
>> Increased engagement from 44 to 108 with a new offset 6 pawl freehub design
>> Wire cut pawls from high strength steel for maximum strength.
>> New step down axle design for a stiffer more durable freehub
>> New hub body profile for increased stiffness without adding weight
>> Ebike Specific hub designed for the demands of ebikes
>> Fully serviceable and rebuildable with simple tools
>> Available in 24, 28, 32 and 36 hole drillings
>> Available with all modern freehub bodies
>> End spacers can be easily swapped to suit different frame and axle standards
>> 6 bolt or Centrelock disc fitting

Additional information

Färg nav

Blå, Lila, Orange, Röd, Silver, Svart

Nav: Axel & Bredd

148x12mm BOOST

Broms fäste

6 bult, Centre Loc


Shimano HG, Shimano Micro Spline, SRAM XD

Spoke holes

28, 32, 36

Spoke type

J Bend, Straight Pull