AXA Linq 180cm kättinglås


Kättinglås AXA Linq 180 cm långt med robusta härdade stållänkar 9,5 mm ART2 Säkerhetsnivå 14/15. Perfekt skydd för säkrare skydda sin låd- och lastcykel.

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A cargobike needs a longer than usual lock in order to reach out from the frame to the fixed object you are locking to. The AXA Linq 180 does juist that! A good combination of cost vs security with a good quality chain material and lock mechanism. You can spend double this on other brands (and we have those instore too!) but we think this is a great all round option.


  • Safety level 14
  • Complies with the Dutch ART 2 star, Sold Secure Gold and Varefakta approval Anti drill plate in cylinder
  • Flexible fastening mechanism
  • Finished with rubber grips
  • Strong protective sleeve
  • Extra long, ideal for cargo bikes
  • Length 180 cm
  • Link diameter 9.5 mm
  • Symmetrical key
  • Online key service