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Slanglöstvätska Refills

We’ve been offering refills on our Peatys sealant for some time now, but now decided that’s the ONLY way we’ll be selling it….

A couple of reasons, if you’re interested! Read on… Of course, the environmental side of things, shipping liquids around is one thing, but all those plastic bottles is another. We encourage you to bring your old bottle in to refill (500/1000ml) We buy in a 25l ‘dunk’ and then we reuse that to take the waste oils from our suspension service. Hopefully reducing packaging significantly! 

We’ve invested in doing this, so there is of course a cost to us, but we’re trying to actually reduce your costs at the same time! With current pricing (thinking that the product starts out life in the UK) is shipped out of the country (now post Brexit, not that great!) and for us it ends up in Norway (our nearest distributor) before being shipped on to us – a 1 litre bottle of sealant ‘should’ be selling out at retail at 500kr, that’s 40% liquor pricing! Makes diesel seem very cheap at least! 

So by selling from this bulk packaging, reduced shipping costs and less plastic waste – we’re able to hold our pricing down at 150kr/l, which although more than we might want to pay, is significantly better than what we could be asking for. 

So, in order to keep a great product on the shelf, at a reasonable price – we’re doing our bit. All we ask is that you do the same and bring in your bottles for refill! (we do have some eco sourced empties if you’ve already thrown it away – but you’ll get a dirty look from us if you need one :-)) 


Bikes, Bikes, Bikes…

Nu har cyklar börja rullar in! Vi har flera Transition Bikes nu på lagret – Spur, Sentinel & Smuggler. Babboe har nu nästan direkt leverans, så vi har Big E & Curve E hemma hela tiden. Standard cyklar är alltid i lagret – 3-vxl & 7-vxl och båda Specialized och Rondo har vi på golvet.

Nu är det dags att köpa! Vi rensa ur alla cyklar till kostpris. Ta chansen och ser vad vi har för dig! PLUS – 24 månads räntefritt finansiering på alla cyklar (i lagret) även de med REA priser! Välkommen!