Babboe Prishöjning

From the 1st of Feb 2023, there will be a price increase across the entire range of Babboe Cargobikes. This is inline with most other brands and isn’t something that is unexpected. Between the cost of raw material and components, the cost of shipping and a weak exchange rate have affected this increase the most. Unfortunately all out of our hands. We do our best to reduce costs with freight by bundling our deliveries together with special orders, but we still have a ‘best fixed cost’. 


Of course, when you buy a bike from us, you’ll receive the experience and knowledge that we’ve accumulated over the years, to make sure you pick the right cargobike for you. We offer our ‘Ready to Ride’ build package as standard and a 30 day free service to make sure you, your bike and your waranty are intact for the future! 

Prices can fluctuate with enough change in currency, so it’s always good to check with us first. We try to keep both the website and webshop updated, but we can be a few days behind on occasion!