Mars Verkstad Kampanj

Nu är det dags! Spring is rapidly approaching and it’s time to make sure you and your bike are ready!

Hopefully you’ve taken advantage of our Damper offers in January and February.. now we’ve got some great deals on workshop services and spare parts right through to Easter!


Nummer 1: (Ref: A wheely good deal) 800kr (ord 1620kr)

Winter tyres off, Spring tyres on! That means tubeless solution top up and Spring specific tyres. Bring your wheels in to us and we’ll remove your winter tyres, re tension and true the wheels (and advise on bearing condition) fit a pair of Maxxis Forekasters and replace the sealant with No Tubes Race Sealant. Ready to roll again. Same day service!

Nummer 2: (Ref: 4 C’s – Cut Cost Chain & Cassette) 1325kr (ord 1850kr)

Your drivetrain has taken a beating through winter, don’t risk dodgy springtime shifting! We’ll supply and fit a 11-vxl Shimano XT cassette (11-42 or 11-46t) or SunRace XSM8 (11-42/11-46/11-50t) & a Shimano CS-HG701 XT chain, including a gear adjust. 

Nummer 3: (Ref: Brake Down) 300kr (ord 600kr)

Temperature differences and weather affect the oil/fluid in your brakes. Keep them in tip top condition with a flush and bleed of Shimano, Sram or Hope brakes. Including oil/fluid and an extra 50kr discount of any set of brake pads needed. 

Nummer 4: (Ref: The full monty)  1200kr (ord 1800kr)

The big one! You’ve ridden over winter and now it’s time to get everything back to where it should be! This is our premium service. We do ‘everything’ (except damper services which we can take individually if required) Before we start, we’ll do our Dr Bike check, so we’ll report on what we think might need replacing before we start. We’d highly recommend at this time to fit new gear wires/housing as a matter of course and drivetrain/brake pads/tyres etc will be discussed. As good as new!! 

Nummer 5: (Ref: A quick sqwizz) 250kr (ord…mmm we don’t really have an ord pris!)

Maybe you’ve been addicted to your Zwifting over winter. Maybe you’ve chickened out and stayed indoors altogether. Either way, you’ve forgotten what your bike looks like (or even where you left it) and it needs at least a ‘quick sqwizz’ (that’s Yorkshire english for taking a quick look!) We’ll do just that and make simple adjustments and checks to make sure it’s all working as it was last time you ride it. You’ll get our Dr Bike Check as well, so if there is anything due shortly it should show up here. 

Nummer 6: (Sram, Bam, thankyou mam!) 2800kr (ord 3200kr)

Sram GX Eagle 12-vxl cassette (11-50t) and a Sram GX chain. Fitted. Enkelt! 

Nummer 7: (Dam cykel disaster!) 1199kr (ord 1480kr)

After winter, your poor old daily commuter has had a tough time! Give it the love it deserves! We’ll remove your winter tyres, fit 2 new PUNCTURE PROTECTED ones (with reflex band on the sidewall) supply and fit a new chain and bakdrev. You’ll get our Standard Bike Bronze service as well, so Dr Bike Check, brake adjustment, gear adjustment, oiled chain and a safety check of all bolts and screws. We’ll also advise of anything else we find that mind need attention before we finish the job (batteries in lights, missing reflexes, split saddles etc) so you’ll be in tip top shape and  ready for Spring! 

Nummer 8: (Just a change of tyres) 250kr (ord 250kr)

Winter tyres still on? Let us get our hands dirty instead and fit your existing summer tyres. We’ll try to do most tyre changes whilst you wait, if it’s not possible or convenient at least under the same day. Your chain will be tensioned and oiled as well! If you need tyres – use the code SD2410 for a 10% discount on any of the tyres in our range. 



Mail or call (018 246270) to make a booking or discuss any other workshop requirement.