Januari Erbjudande No.2

Januari är snart slut, men!! Vi har 2 kanon erbjudande i våran verkstad för dig! (och din cykel!!) Mr.2 bli en STOR Landsväg service – nu HALVA PRIS (1500kr) Ingår med väjer, hölje och styrlinda!!

Now is the time to book in your road bike for it’s end of season treat! Most of us can imagine leaving the road bike alone for a while and now is the ideal time to give it a full stripdown service and re build. We’ll take everything off the bike, and everything that comes off also comes apart wherever it can. We clean, re lubricate and refit (or replace if needed!) everything on the bike. Bolts greased, threads cleaned, squeaks and creaks cured! New cables all round as well as some fresh bar tape. It’s also a good time to see if tyres need replacing and to update Di2 or Etap systems.

All this means a 4-6 hour service job for us and a bike running like new for you!