Cyklar i lager

<<<<< Last updated 2023-01-25>>>>>

 As we’ve begun a new year, we’ll start our updates from scratch! 

2023 does look like being better for deliveries, however we’re not back to ‘normal’ just yet! The biggest issue we’re going to contend with this season is most likely pricing. Everything from electricity and diesel costs, to raw materials, packaging and everything else you can possibly think of has had an increase somewhere in the world and this has a knock on effect to the end price.

With any enquiries for bikes, either visit us instore or mail

We try and keep this page updated as best as we can, otherwise check the social media pages for other updates! 


Good News! Some stuff is now scheduled for delivery soon! 

In Stock:

  • Sentinel Alloy NX – Misty Green – LGE  – 47,995kr

Längre Fram: Likely to see these before april… (get in touch to reserve)

Sentinel Carbon GX LGE

Sentinel Alloy GX MED

Sentinel Alloy NX LGE



Spur GX XL


Spur NX XL


Spur framesets and anything else still ‘on their way’.. so a little longer than these first ones. 



Banshee have been doing pretty well with availability of framesets. Paradox and Enigma hardtails, Phantoms, Spitfires… Just get in touch and we’ll see what there is at the time! We’ve built some lovely bikes this past season, and with aluminium frames  a Banshee builds a great value bike! 


In Stock


Muut AL Large – 22699kr (*NU 16,515kr)

Ruut CF2 – Large – 36799kr (*NU 28,970kr)

Bogan  ST2 – Large – 26799kr (inc 4000kr tillbehör)

Bogan ST2 – Extra Large – 26799kr (inc 4000kr tillbehör)

Ruut ST2 – Medium – 24599kr (inc 2000kr tillbehör)



In Stock

Epic Evo 2021 –Medium – Green – 44,500kr (*NU 33,814kr) SÅLD

Epic Evo 2022 – Medium – Doppio Bronze – 51,000kr (*NU 40,373kr)

Epic Evo Comp 2023 – Large – Carbon – 59,000kr (*NU 52,200kr)

Levo Comp 29 – Medium – Black – 81,000kr (*NU 59,746kr)

Chisel HT Comp – Medium – Silver – 27,000kr (Special Velotek ED.!) 

Chisel HT Comp – Large – Silver – 27,000kr

Stumpjumper Comp – S4 – Red – 56,000kr

Stumpjumper Comp – S3 – White – 56,000kr


In Stock

Curve E Demo modell. Tillgängligt at provkör! 

City E x2


Big E & Curve E är på väg in till oss regelbundet!! Cirka 2v leverans tid just nu!  Ring eller mejl för att förbeställa!


No expected delivery dates as yet for 2023. Återkommer när vi vet mera!