Cyklar i lager

<<<<< Last updated 2021-12-15 >>>>>

As you may or may not know, 2021 looks like following 2020 with it’s ’interesting’ way of doing things!

We’re working hard to overcome the issues within the industry – delays, increased costs, lack of product and increased lead times for ordering and delivery. With this in mind we’ve put together this page to try and give you some idea of what to expect with regards to product availability.

We’ll try our best to update it regularly, but of course get in touch for the most upto date information.

Things do change and we’re hopeful that during the season we’ll see improvements, however you need to think ahead! As we write this, the ’season’ (april) is 6 weeks away. You might not be thinking about a new bike right now, but how about: a service; a new drivetrain; an upgrade set of wheels; new tyres… in some (not all!) cases it may take 4-6 weeks to organise parts. Act now!

Have a look, have a think and get in touch if you have any questions!

Send workshop enquiries to or use the online booking form. By all means chat with us on messenger via the facebook site or even send a DM via Instagram.

Pre Orders for Bikes

In order to try and make sure we’re at the front of the queue for incoming bikes, we’d reccommend (urge!?) you to place a ’pre order’ for your new bike. Take a look on the respective bike pages for individual offers. We require only a small deposit to place the order and we’ll keep you updated with estimated delivery times as much as we can. If, for any reason the computer really does say ’no’, then you’ll get a full refund if required. Ordering a bike now, for delivery later in the year or even in time for 2022 might seem crazy – we can only agreee! But it might be the only way to secure something until things get back on track.

The list below is what we currently have in stock, arriving or currently available at the warehouse for ordering.  Get them while you can!!!


***** Good news!!! We have a few Transition Spurs coming our way.  Contact the store to get on the waiting list and to discuss options.  The Spur is very very popular so we don’t expect them to hang around very long *****

In Stock:

  • Spur GX build – Black Powder – LARGE – 64,500kr SÅLD

Incoming Deliveries:

April 2022

  • Spur X01 build – Deep Sea Green – EXTRA LARGE – 75,000kr SÅLD
  • Spur Deore build – Black Powder – LARGE – 52,000kr SÅLD
  • Spur Deore build – Deep Sea Green – LARGE – 52,000kr


Ordered for delivery in 2022. More details will follow when we know:

Sentinel Carbon Comp GX build – Powder Black – LARGE – 64,500kr

Sentinel Alloy Comp GX build – Cascade Blue – MEDIUM – 53,500kr – New Model!!!!

Sentinel Alloy Comp NX build – Platinum – LARGE – 42,000kr – New Model!!!!!

Spur Carbon Comp AXS build – unknown colour – LARGE – 88,000kr

Spur Carbon Comp GX – unknown colour – MEDIUM – 64,500kr

Spur Carbon Comp GX – unkown colour – LARGE – 64,500kr

Spur Carbon Comp GX – unkown colour – LARGE – 64,500kr

Spur Carbon Comp GX – unkown colour – EXTRA LARGE – 64,500kr

Spur Carbon Comp GX – unkown colour – EXTRA LARGE – 64,500kr

Spur Carbon Comp NX – unkown colour – LARGE – 50,500kr

Spur Carbon Comp NX – unkown colour – EXTRA LARGE – 50,500kr

Spur Carbon Comp frame only – unkown colour – MEDIUM – 34,000kr

Spur Carbon Comp frame only – unkown colour – LARGE – 34,000kr

Spur Carbon Comp frame only – unkown colour – LARGE – 34,000kr

Spur Carbon Comp frame only – unkown colour – EXTRA LARGE – 34,000kr

PBJ Frame only – Long – Purple – 6,500kr

PBJ Frame only – Long – Copper – 6,500kr

PBJ full bike – Long – Purple – 21,500kr

PBJ full bike – Long –  Grey – 21,500kr

***** If you are interested in any of the other Transition bikes then contact us to be put on the waiting list *****


*** There will be very limited numbers of Santa Cruz and Juliana bikes coming into Sweden in 2022. Contact us to disucss options. ***




In Stock

Phantom – custom build – Raw – Large – 42,500kr


***** Pre orders now being taken for April 2022 delivery!!!! *****

We have the folling bikes coming in April 2022

Ruut ALU2 – Large – Pris ej bestämt
Bogan  ST2 – Large – Pris ej bestämt
Bogan ST2 – Extra Large – Pris ej bestämt
Muut  ALU  – Large – Pris ej bestämt
Ruut ST2 – Medium – Pris ej bestämt
Ruut CF2 – Large – Pris ej bestämt


In Stock

Diverge E5 Comp – 56cm – Light Blue – 29,000kr

Status 140 S3 (Medium/Large) – White – 35,500kr

Stumpjumper Evo Comp S3 (Medium/Large) – Glacier Blue / Black – 59,000krSÅLD

Stumpjumper Evo Comp S4 (Large) – Glacier Blue / Black – 59,000kr

Epic Evo –Medium – Green – 44,500kr

Levo Comp 29 – Medium – Black – 81,000kr

Levo SL Comp Carbon 29 – Large – green – 83,000kr

Available to Order

There are some 2021 Turbo Levo and Turbo Levo SL models available to order. Contact us for up to date info.

In Stock 

Flow Mtn – 55,000kr
City E – 31,000kr SÅLD
Big E – 28,400kr
Big E – 28,400kr
Big E – 28,400kr
Curve E – 35,000kr SÅLD
Curve E – 35,000kr


We may be able to bring forward deliveries of certain bikes. Contact us to discuss.


Flow E – 45,000kr
Go Mtn (400Wh) – 46,500kr
Flow Mtn – 55,000kr
City E – 31,000kr


We will not be stocking Sheppshult bikes next year. (we will still be servicing and able to get spare parts etc)

In Stock – Last few models. Get them while you can

Favorit El – Herr – Grey – 22900kr

Elit 27 – Dam – Brown – 10900kr

20 step – Dam – 47cm – 9595kr