Transition Sentinel Carbon GX LGE

Original price was: 81,995kr.Current price is: 47,995kr.

The Sentinel is a bike park bruiser and a whole bunch of fun in the woods! Built to last and built to have fun!

Now with this alloy version, you get a great chassis, with Fox dampers to get everything feeling just right and a spec that keeps things in check! Perfect for that future upgrade path.

24 month / 0% finance from WASA Kredit available. Ask us for details!

Spec wise… take a look here!

Or if you got a couple of minutes and a sense of humour.. take a look at Transitions informative video.


The Sentinel is a hard charging enduro bike, ready for big hits and big smiles! 160/150mm Fox damped suspension on a built to last chassis, means you get to concentrate on all the fun stuff! (and don’t just take our word for it!)….

“Personally, I’ve always been a bit averse to longer travel, 29” wheeled bikes with much more than 130mm to 140mm of travel as they’ve always just felt like “a lot of bike” to me, at least for the riding at home in Santa Cruz, but the Transition Sentinel has me rethinking that. I’ve never ridden a Horst link bike that climbs so efficiently, never been able to manual a bike with 440mm chainstays so easily, and I’ve never felt so centered and “in it” on a bike

“I kept going back to this feeling that it just excelled everywhere. I really liked pedaling on this bike. Like, a lot. Whether it be technical single-track or endlessly winding fire road”

“The more progressive leverage curve gives the back end a responsive lively personality under foot with a magical bottomless feel towards the end of its travel.” – Bike Magazine – FULL REVIEW HERE

“Wow, the Sentinel packs it all into one rig. I’ve cleaned more techy climbing sections, felt more confident on blind trails, and overall had more fun riding the Sentinel than many previous bikes. If you’re looking for a beast of a bike for a mix of trails and terrain that can still hold it’s own when it’s time to pedal bike to the top, the Sentinel is for sure the bike for you.” –

“The new version is no slouch when it comes to straight-line plowing, but now I’d categorize it as more of an aggressive all-rounder rather than a downhill specialist. It’s well-suited to my favorite types of rides – big, long adventures with a focus on steep and rough trails that can only be accessed after a sustained uphill grind” –

“After a few weeks worth of rides, the new Sentinel is a honkin’ beast of a trail bike. Yes, it still feels like a trail bike. Despite the numbers, it doesn’t suffer from feeling like too much of a plow – it pops when you want to pop, switches from one side of an s-turn to the other, and provides enough length to move about forward and aft to distribute traction as I need it. Like its predecessor, it falls somewhere between trail bike and all-mountain bike.” –

“As for the new Sentinel, the biggest update is an extra 10mm of travel. While this might not seem like much, it brings the bike into a new category of sendability. The steadfast feeling that the company’s bikes are so well known for, simply because it’s perfectly suited to the Northwest, hasn’t wavered, yet they’ve also managed to ramp up the responsiveness and playfulness.” – Freehub Magazine

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