Specialized Turbo Levo 2021 – Medium


The Turbo Levo is a complete hooligan. Punkt! You will laugh, whoop and re discover what MTB’ing is all about. 150mm rear travel with 160mm up front. Enough torque, power and battery to take you out and about for upto 5 hours and all the usual specs of an analogue bike you’d expect!

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eBike? Cheating! That’s the first thing anyone ever says! We disagree! Actually for once, the manufacturer has exactly the right marketing speak – “it’s you, only faster”.

We’ve been riding eBikes enough to know that it’s not just ‘cheating’. You can work just as hard (if not more so) than on an analogue bike if you want to. You can take it easy, if you want to. You can go really fast, if you want to. It’s your choice! The benefit as we see it, is that it gives you the opportunity that you might not have had before. Ride different trails in the same time, take the long way home and still be back in time for dinner, level up different fitness/abilities on the same ride, experience your regular trails in a whole new way, make climbs as much fun as the downhills… the list goes on!

The only way to experience this is to try one (and we’ve got a Levo SL as a demo bike to try ➡ see that here)

As well as try before you buy, come in and talk to us about eBikes. We’re pretty clued up and can give you most answers you might be looking for. For now though.. see what Specialized have to say…

– We designed the Turbo Levo Comp to be a proper trail bike, first and foremost. It takes geo, kinematics, and design cues from our newest trail bikes, like the Stumpjumper, and adds industry-leading tech that gives you the power to ride more trails. New motor? Check. New battery? Check. Incredibly lightweight and capable chassis? Check and double-check.


The Turbo Levo is a fully-fledged progressive trail bike. We’ve lengthened the reach, kept the chainstays nice and short, and maintained a low center of gravity. Next, we slackened the head angle for more confident descents and steepened the seat angle to improve climbing efficiency. It’s dialed.


The Levo’s Specialized 2.1 motor amplifies your pedaling input by a mind blowing 410%. Our M2 batteries provides you with plenty of range. What’s more, our Mission Control App can handle battery management automatically, ensuring your battery will last as long as you need it to. More power. More miles per ride. More awesome.

• M5 alloy Sidearm frame offers outstanding ride quality and control.

• Smoothest, most powerful motor on the market.

• 160mm travel Fox Float 36 Rythm fork.

  • The Levo’s frame features an M5 alloy front- and rear-end, an asymmetrical design, and our 29 Trail Geometry, so it’s just the right amount of both capable and comfortable. We designed this bike to shred and that meant giving the Levo a low bottom bracket, lengthy top tube, and short chainstays. We also tweaked the kinematics of the frame to make the suspension more supple on small hits and yet perfectly capable of taking the big impacts without bottoming out.
  • The custom Specialized 2.1 motor represents the pinnacle of e-bike motor technology. The new motor is more efficient, 15% smaller, and 11% lighter than its predecessor. It has many other features that no other e-bike can touch, like instant engagement, fantastic heat management, a double freewheel design that disengages the gear box when you hit top speed, and silent, smooth, and consistent output—even at max power.
  • The Levo’s Turbo Connect Unit (or “TCU”) is more than an “On-Off” button—it’s the brains of the bike. The TCU shows your battery level and power-assist mode. It also communicates, via ANT+/Bluetooth®, with our optional handlebar display to display even more information about your day’s ride.
  • This Turbo’s new Specialized M2-series battery features a 700Wh capacity, which increases your range by a staggering 40%. We integrated that battery seamlessly inside the frame and made it easy to remove with a single hex wrench.

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