Handtag Hope SL Lock-on vita


A lock on grip offering maximum grip, stability and durability.
  • Soft but durable grip compound
  • Slip free locking mechanism
  • Integrated CNC billet locking rings
  • Integrated CNC’d bar end caps
  • Available in black, green, white and red colours

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  • Designed, tested and 100% manufactured in the UK
  • Fully moulded grip extends over locking collars for more usable surface area for your hands, providing exceptional comfort
  • Extensively tested soft, durable and tacky rubber compound with classic grip pattern
  • Optimised CNC’d billet aluminium slip-free locking mechanism with all unnecessary material removed
  • Custom forged stainless steel fasteners reducing threads being stripped along with an ergonomic head design
  • Integrated CNC’d billet aluminium bar ends
  • Length – 135mm (including bar end caps), diameter – 30mm
  • Weight: 94g pair SL version (including all fasteners and bar ends)


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