Juliana 2020/21

Welcome Ladies

Juliana Bicycles is the female specific branch of Santa Cruz Bicycles. They share the same frames but with female specific suspension tuning, contact points and different colourways. They come in a range of Aluminium, Carbon C and Carbon CC frames with build kits to suit every price point.

A bit of info to understand the range better. There are a LOT of options! Once you’ve got your head around it all, it’s quite easy, but the first time you might be a bit lost! Here’s some useful info to begin with!

FRAMESETS.  Not all available in all options, but choose from Alloy (AL), Carbon (C) or Carbon (CC) The CC version is the high end frameset. It uses different materials  and is about 0,5kg lighter than the C model. Read more…

All models have the same lifetime warranty, including free of charge pivot bearing replacement.

You can find frame/complete bike weights on the SC website under each individual specification. We’ve weighed the bikes we’ve had instore and they’re pretty accurate! Alloy –> C= -500g. C –> CC= -500g (circa!)



BUILD KITS. The Factory Build kits direct from SC follow a simple code:

’D’ – Base model. Sram NX with various options on dampers (depending on model)
’R’ – Sram NX again with a higher level of other componentry, again different depending on model.
’S’ – Sram GX, higher spec elsewhere with brakes, dampers and control parts.
’XT’ – Shimano XT
’X01’ – Sram X01
’XX1’ – Sram XX1
’XTR’ – Shimano XTR


’+’ – Plus size wheel option

’Reserve’ – SC ’Reserve’ carbon wheelset option (with lifetime warranty)




Why buy from us?…

Good question! Aside from the friendly welcome and expert advice, we pride ourselves on our service, backup and workshop facilities and this is something we try to bring to all our bike sales. We offer the typical first service (after a month) but before that we start with the building of your bike – we take more time to make sure it’s assembled correctly, and not just OK, but as well as it can be. Race ready if you like. We don’t just turn the bars and fit the pedals (which would suffice for some) we go that much further and remove the fork for example. This means we can make sure the headset bearings are greased with a good quality lubricant (something which even the premium brands seem to forget in the factory) We make sure that bolts that need to be torqued to a specific torque are taken care of, seatposts are greased (or carbon pasted!) we take time and set up the brake calipers perfectly and that all the set up and adjustments are ’just so’. What this means for you, is that when you collect your new machine, you can be sure it’s not only ready to ride, but also as good as it can be and that you have had the same mechanics, working to the same standard on your bike as those pro athletes that choose to use our services (read more about them here!)

However, that’s not all! With every Juliana we also follow up that initial setup with 2 further services. We’ll remind you (via SMS) after 6 months that it might now be a good idea to call back with the bike and let us do it’s first ’real’ service. Hopefully you’ve been riding the bike and it’s a good time to go through it with our 30 point ’Dr Bike Check’. We do this 6 month service to set you off in the right direction of servicing your bike at least twice a year! The third service comes after 12 months and this covers all the details of the 6 month with the additional benefit of both the fork and damper service (and this includes the parts!) We feel this takes care of your first year of riding and makes sure you have the best support possible with your new Juliana!

But we don’t stop there!… Also included with your new bike is our goody bag! SiS energyfood, tubeless sealant, tubeless valves, spare gear hanger, custom fender, Peatys link lube and coffee from Uppsalas coffee expert – Lindvalls!!

All in, our service package is worth 3540kr and comes FREE, with all Juliana bikes and custom builds (although we reserve the right to change this package to a simplified version with just a first service, if there are special circumstances with pricing for example – a bike in a sale, an ex demo bike or anything else. Try as we might, we can’t do everything for nothing!



They have the following bikes in their range:

29er – Joplin 120mm rear / 130mm front (Sizes XS, S, M)

colour:  Misty Blue and Grey

This is a trail bike that can ride cross country and trails but when things get rowdy is more that capable of dealing with terrain way more than its short travel numbers would imply. This bike has been classed as a downhillers xc bike as it is soo capable. We highly rate this bike for the local terrain around Uppsala.

Singletrackworld.com”If you’re looking for an adventure bike that can comfortable take you as far as you can be bothered riding, without giving you much need to really think about what you’re doing, this could be the one for you. It climbs so efficiently you can go further than planned, it’s fast yet stable on the way down, poppy and playful on technical sections and it can carry you off drops without making you regret it on landing.” Click here for the full review.

Bikemag.comClick here for ”Bible of Bike Tests” review.


Here are prices for the most common builds.  Contact the store for more information.

21150kr – Joplin Alloy Frame only
34030kr – Joplin Alloy with D or D+ build kit
39550kr – Joplin Alloy with R build kit
48750kr – Joplin Carbon C with R build kit
56110kr – Joplin Carbon C with S build kit
34030kr – Joplin Carbon CC Frame only
76350kr – Joplin Carbon CC with X01 build kit
89230kr – Joplin Carbon CC with X01 build kit and Reserve carbon wheels


*** We have a Small demo bike available. Contact the store for more info. ***

27.5 – Furtado 130mm rear / 140mm front (sizes XS, S, M)

colour: Spicy Redwood and Black

The furtado is a nimble and playful bike that can maneuver through twisting singletrack and attck burly rock gardens.

Bicycling.com”This bike is more about seeking fun than chasing down Strava segments….. This version of the Furtado brought heaps of playfulness with the frame and suspension more thoughtfully designed for smaller riders and our weight, center of gravity, and strength….. This bike popped off roots and rock on the side of the trail so easily. It made tricky little lips and drops feel intuitive, giving me confidence to try more and bigger ones as I rode.”  click here for the full review.




Here are prices for the most common builds.  Contact the store for more information.

21150kr – Furtado Alloy Frame only
34030kr  – Furtado Alloy with D or D+ build kit
39550kr – Furtado Alloy with R or R+ build kit
47830kr – Furtado Carbon C with R or R+ build kit
55190kr – Furtado Carbon C with S or S+ build kit
33110kr – Furtado Carbon CC Frame only
75430kr – Furtado Carbon CC with X01 or X01+ build kit
88310kr – Furtado Carbon CC with X01 or X01+ build kit with Reserve wheels


29er – Maverick 140mm rear / 150mm front (sizes S, M, L)

Colour: Commando Green and Tan

This mid travel 29er would not be out of place at an ESS enduro or in the bike park. A very capable bike that can also put in the kilometers.

Bicycling.com”This bike is a trail-slaying party—fun, fast, and eager to take rowdy downhill lines”  Click here for the full review.

Sarah Moore of Pink Bike”My initial impressions are that the Maverick is well-suited to someone who wants a bike that’s fast and efficient for long days in the saddle but won’t have you wishing for something burlier on the descents. It’s a bike that is capable, fun and equally well suited to racing enduro as it is to all-day excursions in the backcountry.”  Click here for her first ride impressions



Here are prices for the most common builds.  Contact the store for more information.

49670kr – Maverick Carbon C with R build kit
58870kr – Maverick Carbon C with S build kit
34950kr – Maverick Carbon CC Frame only
78190kr – Maverick Carbon CC with X01 build kit


27.5 – Roubion 150mm rear / 160mm front (sizes XS, S, M)

Colour: Maritime Grey and Mint

This is a 27.5 bike that can handle pretty much all things a trail, bike park or enduro can throw at it. The harder you push the more the Roubion will obey. This is a bike for the more aggressive rider out there but also ones looking to up their game in the park or at an ESS race but likes the playfullness of smaller wheels.

Bikemag.com”A brawler finds joy in the chaos, and that’s where the Roubion thrives.”  Click here for the full review.




Here are prices for the most common builds.  Contact the store for more information.

21068kr – Roubion Alloy Frame only
41390kr – Roubion Allow with R build kit
49070kr – Roubion Carbon C with R build kit
58870kr – Roubion Carbon C with S build kit
37710kr – Roubion Carbon CC Frame only
78190kr – Roubion Carbon CC with X01 build kit
91070kr – Roubion Carbon CC with X01 build kit and Reserve carbon wheels


For more information on all models visit the Juliana Bicycles website here