Vinter Däck

Vinterdäck – nu är det dags!

Now is the time to get yourself ready for winter and change tyres. It’s not only the car that needs studs when it’s slippery on the roads!

We’ve got some fantastic deals on winter tyres from Schwalbe, one of, if not the best winter tyre manufacturer out there. Take a look at our prices and compare them with the big chains or even online, you might be surprised how competitive we are – and don’t forget with every pair of tyres bought, you’ll get free re fitting of your regular tyres in the spring included! (saving 240kr on a standard bike)  

 28″/Standard bike

If you’re looking for ‘standard’ tyres for your commuting bike, we have 2 options to choose from in ‘most’ of the common sizes.

Schwalbe Marathon Winter (116-120 studs depending on width) come in sizes –

622/30 / 35 / 42 and 40/635

Schwalbe Marathon Winter Plus (240 studs) come in sizes –



Cargobike owners should also think about the importance of changing tyres as well. The extra weight and stresses of both drive/braking and steering with the weight of a cargobike and it’s load, means it’s important to use the higher stud count tyres, as well as those with a puncture reinforced construction (which often mean they are E-Bike ready as well) We’ve reccomend using Schwalbe Marathon Winter Plus and they come in 20″, 24″ and 26″  for most cargobike needs.


Again we reccomend Schwalbe for MTB use. We’ve tried others, but as far as performance and feel goes, the Ice Spiker Pro is hard to beat. 2 versions are again available. Evo and non Evo.

27.5″ we carry just the Ice Spiker Pro Evo version in a 2.25″. This is the ‘best’ one with folding bead, replaceable studs (378) and a relitavely low weight of 835g.

In a 29er size we have both the Evo and non Evo. The 2.25 Evo with 402 studs and a 890g weight, make it a real performance tyre. The non Evo version still has 402 studs, but a higher weight of 1170g.

You can run these tyres tubeless if you wish, we reccomend Stans No Tubes Race sealant as it has a lower temperature rating. Of course, tubes work as well!



Schwalbe Marathon Winter

Size                    Ord Pris               Our Price            Save

622/30              500kr                   340kr                  32%
622/35              500kr                   340kr                  32%
622/42              500kr                   340kr                  32%
635/40              500kr                   300kr                 40%


Schwalbe Marathon Winter Plus

Size                    Ord Pris               Our Price            Save

622/35              800kr                   488kr                  39%
622/42              800kr                   544kr                  32%

20″                     700kr                   476kr                   224kr
24″                     700kr                    504kr                  196kr
26″                     800kr                   536kr                   264kr


Schwalbe Ice Spiker Pro/Evo

27.5″ Evo           1300kr                995kr                   305kr
29″ Evo              1425kr                995kr                   430kr
29″ Non Evo     1050kr                769kr                   281kr


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November Erbjudande Landsväg Service

Now it’s time to retire the road bike after a hard season of riding and make sure you put it away in tip top condition. That’s what our November Offer is all about!

We’ll strip the bike down completely (we mean everything!) and rebuild it as though it was from new. We’ll replace cables and housings and bar tape at the same time (included in the price!) and make sure we advise you of anything we find that might be needed on top in terms of parts. It’s a great time to change tyres, have new brake pads fitted, update Di2 systems and see that it’s not going to be sat, rusting and corroding together over the winter whilst hanging in the garage!

You should be in no rush for it back at this time of year (unless you’re Zwifting on the same bike) so expect that we have it for a week or so before you get it back. This offer runs throughout November!

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Sommar REA


Nu är sommar rea igång! För mycket att visa allting, men här finns en lista med den bästa erbjudande! (när lagret räcker!)




  • Produkt                                                            ORD                   NU               SPARA
  • SRAM/WTB Hjulset 27.5                             4000kr              1500kr           2500kr
  • Santa Cruz Reserve carbon hjulset 27.5   18990kr            14500kr          4400kr
  • Elite Rampa Interactive Trainer                  6200kr              4200kr          2000kr
  • No Tubes Race Sealant 946ml                        400kr                320kr               80kr
  • Lazer Bullet MIPS Hjälm                              2900kr              1450kr            1450kr
  • Lazer Z1 Mips Hjälm                                      2400kr              1200kr           1200kr
  • Batavus Elckel                                                           Spara upptill 5000kr!
  • Hope Tech X2 bromsar (par)                      3600kr              2900kr              700kr
  • Hope Tech E4 bromsar (par)                      4000kr              3300kr              700kr
  • Hope CNC vevparti svart                             3000kr              2000kr            1000kr
  • Shimano Sphyre XC9Y skor                        3100kr                1750kr             1350kr
  • Shimano Sphyre RC9B skor                        3100kr                1750kr             1350kr
  • Shimano XC7 skor                                         1800kr                  750kr            1050kr
  • Vittoria Mezcal däck                                       600kr                  325kr               275kr
  • Shimano XT Di2 Bakväxel                           3100kr                1000kr            2100kr
  • Shimano Bike Wash                                         125kr                     25kr               100kr
  • Dura Ace R9100 wattmätare vevparti     12500kr                6849kr             5651kr
  • Zipp Tangente däck 25/622                           800kr                  535kr              265kr
  • Maxxis Ikon 29×2,2 3C/EXO/TR däck        550kr                  325kr               225kr
  • PRO Griffon sadel (142/152mm)                  900kr                  550kr              350kr
  • Santa Cruz Tallboy C R Lge                       46000kr             36995kr            9005kr
  • Santa Cruz Hightower C S Reserve Lge  66990kr             49929kr           17061kr
  • Santa Cruz 5010 C S XL                             54000kr              42120kr            11880kr
  • Shimano Ultegra pedal                                 1600kr                1400kr              200kr


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Mars Verkstad Kampanj

Nu är det dags! Spring is rapidly approaching and it’s time to make sure you and your bike are ready!

Hopefully you’ve taken advantage of our Damper offers in January and February.. now we’ve got some great deals on workshop services and spare parts right through to Easter!


Nummer 1: (Ref: A wheely good deal) 800kr (ord 1620kr)

Winter tyres off, Spring tyres on! That means tubeless solution top up and Spring specific tyres. Bring your wheels in to us and we’ll remove your winter tyres, re tension and true the wheels (and advise on bearing condition) fit a pair of Maxxis Forekasters and replace the sealant with No Tubes Race Sealant. Ready to roll again. Same day service!

Nummer 2: (Ref: 4 C’s – Cut Cost Chain & Cassette) 1325kr (ord 1850kr)

Your drivetrain has taken a beating through winter, don’t risk dodgy springtime shifting! We’ll supply and fit a 11-vxl Shimano XT cassette (11-42 or 11-46t) or SunRace XSM8 (11-42/11-46/11-50t) & a Shimano CS-HG701 XT chain, including a gear adjust. 

Nummer 3: (Ref: Brake Down) 300kr (ord 600kr)

Temperature differences and weather affect the oil/fluid in your brakes. Keep them in tip top condition with a flush and bleed of Shimano, Sram or Hope brakes. Including oil/fluid and an extra 50kr discount of any set of brake pads needed. 

Nummer 4: (Ref: The full monty)  1200kr (ord 1800kr)

The big one! You’ve ridden over winter and now it’s time to get everything back to where it should be! This is our premium service. We do ‘everything’ (except damper services which we can take individually if required) Before we start, we’ll do our Dr Bike check, so we’ll report on what we think might need replacing before we start. We’d highly recommend at this time to fit new gear wires/housing as a matter of course and drivetrain/brake pads/tyres etc will be discussed. As good as new!! 

Nummer 5: (Ref: A quick sqwizz) 250kr (ord…mmm we don’t really have an ord pris!)

Maybe you’ve been addicted to your Zwifting over winter. Maybe you’ve chickened out and stayed indoors altogether. Either way, you’ve forgotten what your bike looks like (or even where you left it) and it needs at least a ‘quick sqwizz’ (that’s Yorkshire english for taking a quick look!) We’ll do just that and make simple adjustments and checks to make sure it’s all working as it was last time you ride it. You’ll get our Dr Bike Check as well, so if there is anything due shortly it should show up here. 

Nummer 6: (Sram, Bam, thankyou mam!) 2800kr (ord 3200kr)

Sram GX Eagle 12-vxl cassette (11-50t) and a Sram GX chain. Fitted. Enkelt! 

Nummer 7: (Dam cykel disaster!) 1199kr (ord 1480kr)

After winter, your poor old daily commuter has had a tough time! Give it the love it deserves! We’ll remove your winter tyres, fit 2 new PUNCTURE PROTECTED ones (with reflex band on the sidewall) supply and fit a new chain and bakdrev. You’ll get our Standard Bike Bronze service as well, so Dr Bike Check, brake adjustment, gear adjustment, oiled chain and a safety check of all bolts and screws. We’ll also advise of anything else we find that mind need attention before we finish the job (batteries in lights, missing reflexes, split saddles etc) so you’ll be in tip top shape and  ready for Spring! 

Nummer 8: (Just a change of tyres) 250kr (ord 250kr)

Winter tyres still on? Let us get our hands dirty instead and fit your existing summer tyres. We’ll try to do most tyre changes whilst you wait, if it’s not possible or convenient at least under the same day. Your chain will be tensioned and oiled as well! If you need tyres – use the code SD2410 for a 10% discount on any of the tyres in our range. 



Mail or call (018 246270) to make a booking or discuss any other workshop requirement.

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Februari Erbjudande!

Februari i verkstad betyder Fox månad! Now is the time to get your Fox forks and dampers serviced for HALF PRICE!

As we’ve done in January with Rock Shox, we’re now taking bookings for all Fox dampers (please note that ‘special’ dampers such as Scott Nude and Specialized Brain, amongst others may be exempt from the offer as they are not done in house – just ask about your specific model if you’re unsure)

An air can clean or a basic lower leg service is a well needed service for most bikes. We tend to forget about them, performance gradually goes down without us noticing and we never know the damage that might be happening internally from dirt, water and other nasties that find their way inside to the delicate internals.

Fox service intervals have increased in recent times, but we’re guessing it’s longer than 125 hours ago since your last service, right?!



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Januari Erbjudande No.2

Januari är snart slut, men!! Vi har 2 kanon erbjudande i våran verkstad för dig! (och din cykel!!) Mr.2 bli en STOR Landsväg service – nu HALVA PRIS (1500kr) Ingår med väjer, hölje och styrlinda!!

Now is the time to book in your road bike for it’s end of season treat! Most of us can imagine leaving the road bike alone for a while and now is the ideal time to give it a full stripdown service and re build. We’ll take everything off the bike, and everything that comes off also comes apart wherever it can. We clean, re lubricate and refit (or replace if needed!) everything on the bike. Bolts greased, threads cleaned, squeaks and creaks cured! New cables all round as well as some fresh bar tape. It’s also a good time to see if tyres need replacing and to update Di2 or Etap systems.

All this means a 4-6 hour service job for us and a bike running like new for you! 

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Januari Erbjudande No.1

Januari är snart slut, men!! Vi har 2 kanon erbjudander i våran verkstad för dig! (och din cykel!!) Rock Shox Halva Pris arbetskostnad och 20% rabatt på material! Now is the time to get those dampers serviced and keep them in tip top shape for the winter!

The service intervals on forks, dampers and dropper posts are perhaps lower than you might think – but it’s important to not neglect them totally! Performance goes down gradually, so you don’t notice – but over time damage is also occurring to the internals of the fork which make for an expensive repair job later. A simple lower leg / can clean might be all they need to keep working as new! A good investment in an expensive part! 

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Winter Open Evening. Måndag 3:e Mars kl,17-20

Welcome to our Winter Open Evening! Between kl,17 and 20 on Monday 3rd March, we’ve got a great evening of winter mys planned!

Join us for fika and glögg, cykelsnack, new products from Innolite and Gemini lights. Some great offers for winter products and christmas gift ideas.

We’ve got a Zwift demo, Gemini lights on display, new Santa Cruz bikes and the chance to win a Shimano Sport Camera (worth over 3000kr!)

Call in after work, or after dinner!  Coffee is hot and Matte has his Christmas jumper on!

//Neil, Bobby & Matte

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After 6 years with Giant Bikes, we’ve made the decision to not continue with the brand this season. Many reasons that we don’t need to go into detail about here, but we felt the time was right to move on. For those customers who have bought Giant and Liv from us, we’ll continue to support you as much as we can with spares, warranties and of course regular servicing. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch directly.

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Gör ditt livs cykelaffär!

Nu är det klart! Regeringen avsätter 350 miljoner kronor per år till elcykelpremie. Premien är framtagen för att minska utsläppen och minska trafiken i våra städer.

När du köper en elcykel får du tillbaka 25% av elcykelns belopp, upp till max 10.000 kr. 
Premien gäller retroaktivt från och med den 20:e september 2017.

Återbetalning kommer ske digitalt via Naturvårdsverket, läs mer här. 
Ansökningsformuläret för att söka bidrag för elcykel, elmoped och elmotorcykel öppnar 1 februari 2018. Då kommer en länk till ansökningen finnas tillgänglig på Naturvårdsverkets hemsida. 



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Observera att dessa priser endast avser delar. Alla komponenter måste monteras för att bilda en komplett cykel. Pris för cykelbygge: 3300kr.

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